In Marrow: Gather As The Fall Winds Sing
Kaycee Anseth Legacy Foundation

In Marrow: Gather As The Fall Winds Sing

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Gather As The Fall Winds Sing ' is an archival print of an original collage by Kaycee Anseth.  This collage is part of the In Marrow Collection, created in 2019 in Bend, Oregon. 

Proceeds from print sales go directly to supporting the Kaycee Anseth Legacy Foundation and Kaycee's wishes to support emerging artists in Central Oregon.

"Stand among the amber waves, while a storm rolls in, while the plains wait for harvest. What songs do you hear? How does it feel to embrace a shapeshifter? There is such music in this sky. There is such goodness in the land. There is such sweetness in the air."

- Original words by Kaycee Anseth


Product Details 

    • Printed on fine art giclee, white cotton paper
    • Print size availability is determined by quality of original scan 
    • Print dimensions vary 1-2" from standard size ordered to honor the size of Kaycee's original collage
    • Cards are 4x6" and come with an envelope

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